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    Long ago, deep in the woods of Flin Flon, I scoured the land for copper and gold. The work was hard and the conditions rough. It was a tedious job with moments of exhilaration. But as the days dragged on through winter storms and summer rains, a change was in the air. The moment of stark realization that life existed beyond the bush led to a series of new adventures.

    Today I'm an engineer, writer, actor, artist, and more. Earlier this year I released two novels: The Rifting Crow and Cradled in the Arms of Cassy. Another novel is in the works. This and other new books will be completed in the near future. They chronicle the lives of average men in an abnormal world. My artistic interests are unpredictable and eclectic. Tour some oil paintings and musings within these pages. Follow me on Twitter and stay tuned.

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